Geotechnical services

Istituto di Ricerche e Collaudi M. Masini’s laboratory deals with the study of the mechanics of soil and its application into engineering works. This business area is equipped with any apparatus prescribed by 7618/STC dated 8th September 2010 “Execution and certification of tests on soil and rocks”. The main activities are the following:


Granulometry analysis, Atterberg limits, AASHTO compacting test, CBR carrying capacity index, cutting tests, three-axial tests, oedometric tests, permeability test.


Granulometry analysis, sand equivalent, shape and flattening index, shell content, methyl blue test, Micro-Deval wear resistance, Los Angeles test: resistance to fragmentation, volume mass and absorbance, abrasion and polishing resistance tests, potential reactivity to alkaloids, petrography analysis.


Loading tests on plate performed with test methods prescribed by Italian, Swiss and German regulations about site density, on site CBR, pile load test, core sampling.