The Company

The Company Istituto di Ricerche e Collaudi M. Masini has been operating in the field of products and proceses safety and quality control for 50 years.

Presentation of our services

Since 1975 it is endowed with the “Quality management system”. Product’s test and certification activities concern a wide range of market sectors, mechanics, health, metallurgy, textile, chemical, food industry,  ecology, and medical devices and civil engineering.

Every year more than 1000 companies inItaly and Europeare supported by the services supplied by our laboratories for the certification of their products. Apart from accreditation, and several ministerial and Community authorizations, that allow us to issue declarations and conformity brands in compliance with national and community regulations (EC directive), our activity is featured by professional ethics as body of proven reliability.

Thanks to the experience matured during years of collaboration with the companies, for our customers we are not only suppliers, but partners and problem-solvers. Our professionalism and knowledge of different kind of machines and products, unique in its business area, allows us to offer to manufacturers-dealers the certainty of reliable and efficient tests. Proof of this is the fact that the products that we certify have always passed the most sever controls performed by control bodies in EU and extra EU countries, with a certain benefit for the companies in terms of reliability.